First1Right Team and Vans

Our Story

After working in some of London’s biggest and most prestigious Plumbing & Heating companies I decided to break away and start a company that focuses on providing more value to our customers at a more affordable price coupled with an outstanding working environment for our employees while still maintaining the highest levels of expertise in the market today.

We set up First1Right Plumbing & Heating in late 2018 and set out our core values and beliefs in what we were to stand for as a company. Honesty is one of those values and plays a pivotal and central role in everything that we do.

Our industry has been marred by the notion that tradesman are not always honest and try and “up sell” to create more problems than they have been called out to solve in the first place. I witnessed those practises first hand in my many years in London firms and was even told to participate in them or risk losing my employment!

“I had been in the belly of the beast for nearly a decade and had never come across a company that could offer all three of those qualities simultaneously, the spark ignited and the wheels were set in motion.”

Gary Bullen, Managing Director

So it was pretty clear from the get go that when we set up First1Right Plumbing & Heating that complete honesty and transparency with all our customers was what we would build the brand around. It makes for a serene working environment and most importantly our customers always know exactly where they stand.

The second value we wanted to entrench in our business was to “get it right, first time” and that stands for everything that we do in the company. Not only does that save our customers valuable time, hard earned money and unnecessary stress but it allows us to strive for progress and the cohesion in our business practises always chasing perfection.

Passion would be the third value that we instilled in the company as I believe that if you are passionate about what you do in everyday life then that should reflect in your business dealings too and a passionate employee can only produce their best work. We are a family at First1Right Plumbing & Heating and that stretches to all our wonderful customers!

We realise that no two jobs are the same and neither are two customers the same and so that is why we tailor ourselves around every individual customer’s needs. Early starts and late night call outs are all part of the experience and service we offer and if that is what it takes to put your family’s minds at ease then that is what we will do.

Work Guarantee

At First1Right Plumbing & Heating we offer a full 12 month guarantee on all our work and as a customer of ours you will have a 24 hour a day direct line of contact with us so that in the unlikely event of something going wrong in your home or business, we will return with a smile to make it right so that you can get on with the things you love to do most!

We really do look forward to meeting clients and customers new and old and building the family business that we set out to build where customer service is not a department in a company but the entire company itself.