Our Core Values

We have an absolutely wonderful team environment that support our employees to thrive. The way we do this is…​​​​​​


At First1Right we place a special emphasis on being completely open and honest about every aspect of what may affect our company and our contribution to it. We believe in an open door at all times and the protection of our employees and customers are fundamental to the core of our business.


We take pride of ownership in the experience we create for our customers. If for some reason we cannot produce the result for our customers on the day we will find a solution and get back to them as soon as possible, exceeding their expectations at all times.


Professionalism in an embodiment of the values that define what our customers expect from First1Right. It is portrayed in the way we present ourselves, communicate with customers and colleagues and the work we produce. It is what separates us from the pack and the foundation upon which the company was built.


Be excellent!  By excellent we mean to excel in everything you undertake, don’t settle for status quo and enjoy yourself while being excellent. Being part of the First1Right family is about creating an environment where excellence is the bar we set for ourselves.


We will show respect and the greatest regard for ourselves, our colleagues, our customers and their homes and businesses as if they were our own. The way we present ourselves and carry out our duties is what people remember most and what underpins the values we represent at First1Right.

6 Star Customer Service

6 Star Customer Service is an ethos that is lived and breathed, forever evolving. A service that never rests. At First1Right we believe that being a service business is what our customers have chosen us for. That service never rests. It is not just what we carry out in our customers’ homes and businesses that defines exceptional service but what resonates with all that we undertake while we are interacting with our customers.


The First1Right family is reliant on the sum of its parts. We believe that the team is a unit and every cog in that unit plays an important role in the overall product that we produce. The one cannot exist without the other.


The success of the business and by association its members is what fuels the engine room at First1Right. A successful business produces successful results and that in turn allows us to continue to build the type of organisation we all dream of being part of.


I am accountable for all of my actions and the results that they produce. What I say I am going to do I carry through with even when no one is around to see me do it. I will make mistakes along the way but most importantly I will learn from them.


It has been said “enjoy what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life”. Enjoying what we do while making sure everyone else we associate with in the business is a part of that enjoyment will ensure we create an environment that we all would like to be a part of!


The growth of our business and the evolution of its people is what we strive to make happen at First1Right. The business is continuously evolving and the progress we strive for in that evolution is almost solely down to the growth of its people.


How much value I bring to the customer, my colleagues and the business is a yard stick by which to measure my contribution by. People and businesses are judged by the value they bring and it is usually the difference between deciding to enlist the services of a company or not. Value is not calculated on paper but rather shown in what we add to customers lives that other people and companies do not.


While I am in uniform or at work I will be dedicated to giving my best for the good of the business and all its people. I will be committed to the vision, the mission and the success of the business. Dedication means I might fail from time to time but from failure comes learning and another way in which to do it the next time I am faced with a challenge.


Let’s create a workplace for the good and the benefit of our community and the places we live. Giving future generations the chance we have to experience the wonders of this world.